Logo of the Week

Based out of Hospet, Suhana Minerals & Metals focuses on export and domestic sales of minerals and various metals (e.g. Bauxite, Manganese, iron ore). It primarily serves Domestic Large Metal Industries & Companies in Asia Pacific.

To become one of the leading commodities (mineral) exporting and international trading companies, exposures to the trade market is very essential. In view of that, client insisted in having a logo for their business. We initiated the design process with a comprehensible picture of the business considering client’s demands. The logo includes three arc shaped element that indicates the company’s incessant association and partnering with its clientele. The logo element represents the source (vendor), Suhana and the customer; together they create a vehicle of common growth. The yellow color represents abstract S and the blue arrow indicates the direction of its business growth. The logo has given a metallic touch which denotes earthly metals that emphasizes the purpose of the company.  Altogether, the logo consists of solid colors with strong font which makes it appear prevailing and recognizable.

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