Logo of the week

Quantum Step is a management consulting company with hands-on experience in planning, implementation and management of offshore processes. It includes contextual management enabling clients’ better practices through evaluation of global sourcing trends and prediction of emerging paradigms. Quantum Step offers value at every stage of sourcing – strategy, partner selection, solution implementation, governance and service management.

Quantum Step, the name, was meaningfully selected for quick, significant and effective progress. With reference to company’s business, it implicates that the advisory and consulting services of the company results in upshot growth of its customer. A monogram logo was designed to keep the logo simple and ability to replicate it in any media. The square facet in shape of Q represents process oriented with focus on target. The smooth finishes at the corner embodies smooth transitions. Further, blue blocks indicate the step by step procedures to deliver result. The solid font represents stable and confident approach. Altogether, the logo depicts the step by step growth i.e. clinched by the rapid amplification of the company.

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