Logo of the Week

Kushal’s is a leading retailer in “Fashion and Silver Jewelry”. Based out of Bangalore, it is one of the India’s largest and exclusive showrooms with finest collection of pearl, silver, and precious stones jewelry available in both traditional and western design. The company stands out in over-crowded market of fashion jewelry through fresh designs, everyday jewels and custom designs.

With progress in Business from small trader to a large organized retailer and exporter, the client wanted to establish the company as a key player in Fashion Jewelry and hence enhance its Brand Recognition. Comprehending the background of company, we began the design process evaluating that the logo element will find connect with consumers through its application on packaging, merchandising and other marketing collaterals’ we then zeroed on the idea of designing the logo with a K monogram that will find an easy application in every medium. The current logo constitutes of an abstract K with an element extending in form that depicts sight of a lady dressing herself. The K element has an artistic stroke that denotes the classy jewelry design signifying the essence of business. The shades of red color with a strong font are used in the logo design to make it eye-catching and visible from quite a distance. Overall a clear match for a consumer oriented logo that needs to be memorable.

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