Logo of the week

Ayu Veda as a company focuses on health and wellbeing through ancient science of Ayurveda. Ayu Veda delivers wellbeing through wisdom of life, especially the traditional and time tested ideas. The company constitutes of wellness centers, herbal spa, natural clinics, online ecommerce portals and education center in the field of Ayurveda. Ayu Veda is based out of Mysore, India.

The company name is derived from Ayurveda, composed of two words—āyus meaning ‘life’, and veda meaning ‘wisdom’. Ayurveda is an influential system of medicine with its several methods in use of herbs, massage and yoga as a form of treatment. Inspired by the essence, we designed an effectual logo encapsulating attributes of the ayurveda system. The yogic posture signifies a person with wellness in concern to physical, emotional, spiritual and mental form.  The perceptible image of an ayurvedic treatment is illustrated through leaves connoting herbs, nature and ayurveda. The logo in totality portrays the sense of peaceful, calm, rejuvenating and meaningful existence emanating blissfulness and peace.

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