Logo of the Week

Carpe Diem Marketing Pvt. Ltd., based out of Chennai, offers a unique range of gift wares serving retail and institutional clients on online or physical stores. It is a wholesale distributor dedicated to serve the needs of specialty gift shops. Carpe Diem means enjoying the moment, named so with the belief that gifts are the best way to express joy and pleasure.

Unpinning the essence of its name, the client needed an identity that was quick read with a visual message that would speak to customers in a distinct contemporary fashion. Indulging those aspects; we began the process of designing a perfect balanced logo with jovial and vibrant look. We made use of colors that encapsulated an outstanding and precious face of the logo, befitting the jubilation and charm it holds. Further, we encompassed the idea of merriment by incorporating stars in the design. The logo on the whole appeals to customer of all nationality and speaks of a bright outlook in business and life.

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